Rachael Duster in champagne | Moondancer


PRE-ORDER: Please note this item is pre-order and will be sent out early April.

Is it daywear? Is it nightwear? Neither ... it's loungewear, baby! 

Moondancer's luxurious pieces will take you from bedroom to Zoom without missing a beat.

The postie never needs to know they've caught you in your PJs ever again.

Meet Rachael, the duster that ties it all together.

Live out your Hollywood glam fantasies by swanning about the house with Rachel billowing behind you, or take her out - dressed up or down - and she’ll show you how to have a great time!

Made from generously cut and deliciously soft viscose rayon, Rachael is all drama with a waterfall of gently sweeping and folding curves that demand attention.

For extra flair Rachael has a belt and a belt loop inside the back of the neck for storage and you can bet your bottom dollar this star has pockets! Because of course she does! 

Just as at home spending the day in bed paired with mix’n match pieces from the Moondancer collection as she is when she’s worn over a slip or tee and shorts Rachael doesn’t mind who she’s with, as long as she’s the centre of attention.

And she always is. Trust us, she’s just that kind of duster.

Our dusters come in two sizes, and are very flowy and generous.

SIZE CHART in centimetres:
S/M 126 142
L/XL 129 158

SMALL/MEDIUM: 14/18 & LARGE/XL: 20/24