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5 gorgeous ways to wear your favourite maxi skirt

5 gorgeous ways to wear your favourite maxi skirt

Blonde model sitting on outdoor stairs wearing matching Ada + Lou ophelia blouse and willow skirt in emerald

A full-skirted, ankle grazing gypsy skirt is the perfect way to add a little bohemian whimsy to your look while guaranteeing you’ll be feelin’ yourself.

It’s a swoosh thing.

If you’re new to skirt life and a bit cautious about whether the gypsy look will work with your height, hips, thighs, belly or any of the myriad of reasons we use to doubt ourselves, you need to forget what you think you know and give it a try.

Those ‘I can’t make it work’ doubts can get. in. the. bin. because when it comes to fashion, it’s actually all about making IT work for you.

The ideas below are just some of the ways we like to style our skirts but, really, the only limits depend on how creative you’re willing to be.

mode wears ada + lou ophelia blouse and willow skirt in emerald while leaning against a pink wall.

>> Pair with a matching blouse for a maxi-dress illusion

By wearing your skirt with a blouse in the same print and colour way, you’re really giving yourself three outfits for the price of two: a skirt, a blouse AND a maxi dress.

The shoulder to ankle colour block can help give the illusion of height, but if you’re feeling it’s a little too much you can simply break it up with a belt or by tying your blouse into a midi.

blonde model leans against pink wall while wearing ada + lou alila willow skirt and ophelia blouse in emerald.
The ada + lou Alila Willow and Alila Ophelia in emerald make the perfect combo.

>> Rock out with a statement tee

Not knowing what to wear with a gypsy skirt is often the hurdle that stops people getting on board the boho train.

However the solution is pretty simple. Whatever you’d wear with jeans or shorts will usually work just as well with a bohemian skirt. Sounds odd, but trust us.

Case in point: A statement tee.

If you’re under the impression that your favourite statement tee is destined to be paired with denim or activewear only then you, friend, are not getting the most out of this trusty wardrobe staple.

Fitted tees, generous cut tees, off-the-shoulder tees and more all work well with a skirt. Tuck them in and finish with a belt, or tie them in a knot above the skirt’s waist and you’re good to go.

If your skirt has a pattern, a cheeky slogan or a band shirt with a plain background are the best bet for making this look work for you.

Curvy blonde model, Chantelle Ellem wears bohemian maxi skirt and statement tee while standing in front of lesser block wall

Chantelle nails the boho skirt and statement tee thing every time.

>> Bring the waist up from your hips

A low slung skirt on the hips gives off all of the gypsy vibes and is perfect for when you’re goal is casually cool, but that’s not the limit of your skirt’s capabilities.

To change things up you can easily bring the waist up as high as you like, even right up under the bust if you’re feeling it.

If you’re more comfortable with less action around your hips and belly, bringing your skirt up higher on your waist allows the fabric to skim over the areas you’d rather not bring attention to.

Style this look with a western belt with a feature buckle or a long cluster of necklaces and you’re good to go.

Jess Krause models the ada + lou all Willow skirt unnatural while walking along sunlit marina

Jess Krause styles the Alila Willow in natural to perfection.

>> Skirts as a dress are a very good thing

This hack is a favourite amongst travelers. Pack a waist belt and a trusty strapless bra (or don’t … let those ladies free if you want. No judgement) and all of a sudden your favourite skirt can now double as a dress.

Pull the waist up over your bust then cinch the skirt in below the bust with a belt. Once you add a pair of your favourite sandals, the skirt you wore to the beach now makes for the perfect strapless dinner dress.

You. Are. Welcome.

Holly Zigga wears a blue skirt as a dress while standing in a garden

Holly Zigga @authentic_hz beats the heat by turning her skirt into a dress.

Your favourite jacket is the perfect compliment

Investing in a well fitted denim or leather-look jacket will never do you wrong. They compliment so many outfits, including your newly found love for gypsy skirts.

Whether you’ve paired your skirt with a matching blouse, or a statement tee, or even if you’re wearing it as a dress, finishing off your look with a waist length jacket will always tie the whole package up neatly.

Plus … pockets. Who doesn’t love pockets?!

Rebel Wylie wears Alila willow in emerald with a black leather jacket while standing against black wall

Rebel's faux-leather jacket goes perfectly with the Alila Willow in emerald.